App failing and won't recognise me


Every time I try to log into the app on my phone, it fails after I input my pin. Now it’s like I need to set up a new account?! I recently moved from Ireland to Canada - could this have something to do with it? I need to access my app asap. This is awful!!


Hey @buffan12 :slight_smile:

How does it fail?

Interesting :hushed: never thought about this, could you try using a VPN? (see Hola!, it’s free with Irish servers, but be careful with it, it’s not the most trustable app).


The VPN doesn’t work. It’s definitely an app/phone issue now that I think about it.

So I click into it, it asks me to log in and then acts like I’m not a member. It either kicks me out or tries to sign me up to a new account.


Hey @buffan12 :slight_smile:

This might be obvious, but… You’re typing your Irish number, right? :no_mouth:


Yeah!! Nothing has changed!! :slight_smile:


Actual footage of @AndreasK solving problems with his magic, as hopefully he will do with your misterious case :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


However, if he is too busy, you can also try to get support from :r: through Twitter:


Which OS are you using ?

I’m not sure about this but the revolut app could check whether the registered number matches the one installed in the phone ( I assume you’re now using a canadian number ?)

Otherwise, you could try to reinstall the app.

If that does not work, you have to wait for the magic of Andreas, as @Juliopp mentioned :wink:




Sounds like you’ve created two accounts.

Let’s sort this out :slight_smile: Could you please drop me a direct message?


Andreas K :mage:


I have a problem with my app connection. I have been disconnected and I can’t log in anymore at all. When I open the app it requires my phone number and then a code I should receive by sms. I am in south america without connection so I can’t receive sms. I can’t access the app chat so I can’t solve the problem. Could you please help me?


hmm :thinking: Let’s get in touch and sort this out for you.

Can you please drop me a direct message?