App Design

Hi! First of all… Sorry for my bad English and many thanks for your service / app! But I have one thing that I absolutly don’t like and this is the app design. If I open the app, it’s difficult to find information about my account. I think it would be better if on main site, IBAN / BIC / Balance would be shown. As I opened your app first time, I was searching very long till I found my IBAN, because it will not been shown at any categorie. I must scroll at top of the page and then click on amount. If I had not done this, I would still search for it. Don’t know if it will be shown different on other smartphones, but using Huawei P9 Lite, Design could be much better. Hope you can work on it. Thanks! Greetings, brork


Just tap on the big number that is the current balance of a given currency on main screen :wink:


If I would see this, I would do! But its like an hidden feature.

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Absolutely agree! The app had become so cluttered with unnecessary useless features, that users now can not even find the content we really need to be clearly stated by our bank!