App design inconsistency in Cards section


Hi @AndreasK ,

I’ve noticed two inconsistencys in the “add card” and the “cards” sections of the app.

  • The shadow of the baby blue virtual card is pink when all other card shadows match the color of the card itself.
  • When adding a new physical card, the name on the new premium designs is illustrated as embossed (also on your website). Some of the marketing materials show the flat print (like the recent animation posted on twitter). My assumption is that all new premium cards are flat now?



The virtual card’s shadow is matching the blue here (iOS). So it seems to be a bug.

All premium cards are flat. Cards in the app shouldn’t show the full number at all IMO.
A copy number feature would be way more useful.


I would rather have both, number plus copy. I don’t want to grab my physical card if I need the number for whatever reason.


Yes, seems to be a bug. Here’s a screenshot.

Premium cards used to be embossed, but they never changed that for some of the marketing materials and in app.


Strange, this is how it looks like on my phone



That’s funny.


Looks normal on iOS here. What phone do you use?


Different phones from iPhone 5 to 7. The color hiccup is always there.


May sound overkill but did you try to delete and reinstall the app?


This bug is there for about 15 months, if I had to guess. The app was installed numerous times since then. The beta version runs on a 2nd phone and shows the same glitch.


Maybe it is a bug that is server sided and there is nothing you can do. I guess you already gave beta feedback about it.


Yes, I am pretty sure I can’t do anything about it. :wink: But I do feel special now after finding out it’s just me.


Missing the possibility to program the pause to the cards especially the virtual ones, it is convenient to have a virtual card always paused except only the day of recurring debit or subscriptions online or vice versa have the card active and the function activation in Programmed pause or after 30 days example the duration in free trial of Netflix type subscriptions etc… or after 24/48 months duration of internet telephony contracts, sky for not incurring full-price subscriptions off promo, perhaps with notice deadline notification to have time to cancel at least 2 months before. :wink:


Update: I added a 2nd virtual card to see if the virtual Mastercard is going to work with iTunes (yes!). Now I’ve got pink and blue shadows next to each other. Funky.