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When opening the app it all the time defaults to the GBP currency, including all GBP transactions. As I am mostly an “EUR client”, other might be rather “USD clients” it would be great you could build in a feature to set which demomination shows first after opening the app (or just shows the same curreny section which was used when closing the app last time). Although it´s fairly easy just to swipe from GBP to EUR or USD it´s a bit of annoying for me and most likely for many “non GBP users” to switch the currency every time when opening the app.


Yes we are a large number to wish that :wink:

We talked about this in a similar topic:
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Yep, would be good to choose. I remember once exchanging from GBP to USD instead of EUR inadvertently as the app defaults to USD on the exchange tab each time. That was a good opportunity to check whether Revolut indeed offers the mid market rates so when I changed from USD to EUR, the result was out by 2p only compared to a direct exchange (probably, due to a slight market movement between the two transactions).