App crashing on swedbank verification screen


so I’m trying to top-up my account with MasterCard issues by Swedbank LT. It allows purchases online, but there is additional verification steps. On last verification step I have to login to my bank account. And it’s fine.

When I reach last screen with login information(screenshot attached) and I try to change first field(select input, with current option Kodų kortelė) app crashes without any notice. Just by clicking that field(I can see input color change[focus], but no other option revealed). If I try to focus on two inputs below(for Id and password[Slaptažodis]) all is fine, input is focused, keyboard is active. App crashes only when trying to change first select.

System: Google pixel 2, Android version(latest): 8.1.0
Revolut version 4.11.0

I’ve contacted your support some time ago. There was nothing he was able to do, but he told me that developers will be informed. It was, probably more than a month ago.

NB: All this worked fine on my old iPhone. I switched to Google Pixel 2 some time ago and app is crashing.

Please check in what app the window with login details is opened. I am pretty sure that this is not revolut and it is web browser. If I’m right-try to change default web browser in your phone.
Second thing:
Ones you add some card to revolut (i.e. on iphone) it will be accessible on your revolut account on any other phone, when you log in using the same account details.

Thanks, redi, but as I mentioned per description - Revolut app is crashing - not any browser. and I can confirm, that these screens are opened inside Revolut app. No other app is responsible for the crash.

Changing the standard browser (which is used to render the website in the app?) could prevent the app from crashing. I would give it a try. I am not an Android guy, but it sounds plausible.

H @KestutisG ,

Thanks for going the extra mile. We’ll take a look and come back to you once we identified the issue.


Having exactly the same issue with the same bank, Revolut app crashes when clicking on the combobox to change identification option with the bank.

Not sure if this applies, but I did try changing the WebView implementation from WebView to Chrome - app still crashes.

App version 4.13.1, Android 8.0 (Oxygen OS 5.0.1 on Oneplus 3).

I did top up successfully using the same steps on Feb 6, but I do not recall which app version was used back then, it updated several times since then.

I have the same issue – diffent bank. ING DiBa Visa. It was used before and everything was smooth. Now with Pixel and Revolut 4.14.1 it crashed during the process (twice). When the page where I chose phone to verify the transaction is opened inside Revolut app, it freezes and a crash ist reported.

The card is greyed out. This is a problem.
(Since it was cancelled 10 min later the card is back and it could have been used)

Also, I noticed that since I updated the app it’s lagging. Before it was phantastically smooth.

I have the same issue with app version 4.14.1 and swedbank. The phone is Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Android 8.0

Same for me - started crashing 3 days ago trying to change login method on Swedbank login screen. Samsung Galaxy S8, Android 8.

Update. Started working again after I’ve changed default browser from Chrome to Samsung Internet. But it worked perfectly with Chrome for a long time before started crashing…

So I was right :joy::rofl:

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Not exactly - it is Revolut crashing, not Chrome. If I open the same Swedban login screen in a Chrome - it works perfectly and does not crash. So Chrome is not crashing, but Revolut using Chrome does.

Next update - after installing a new app version top ups do not work on any browser! Complete uninstall and reinstall does not help. In current situation Revolut is just useless…

There was second update with the same app revision (4.15). Can you check it?

My last update on this bug was already after installing that latest app version. Currently there are no updates for Revolut in the Play Store and top ups does not work.

Hmmm, it works in my case… I am on Android 7.0, app’s rev. 4.15.2.
@Zevan did you tell them about problem via in-app chat?
@ValScholz can you look into this?

Yes, I use the same app revision. Yesterday I’ve managed to solve the problem by uninstalling all Chrome updates (cannot remove it completely as it is a system app on S8). So there is definetely some kind of incompatibility between latest Revolut and Chrome versions on some smartphone models.

Have the same problem. Switching to Samsung internet didn’t solve it.
Also deleted all chrome data and updates. Still crashing.
Samsung s8. Android 8.0.0

UPDATE: Since an update of the app, it worked again. It didn’t crash but idle in loading screen. I opened the ING app for my curiosity and could approve the transaction. Right now – 2-3 updates later ( v4.16.0) – Top-up doesn’t ask for another verification (3DS) and it works fine. In Germany we say: Tja. :man_shrugging:t3:

Fortunately 3D verification is needed a few first times only. That’s why it can work in your case :grinning: (in Poland “Tia” rather :joy:)

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