App crashing on bluestacks

Hi there,
is there any app version which will not crash on Bluestacks?
i have an Android 4.3 device which is not supported any more, so my only option now is android emulator :frowning:
That can run either Pie64, or Android11 as well. But Revolut just closes after the splash screen.
If I grab an older version from let’s say ApkMirror, then it will run fine, however I do not know if it is safe or modded…
would use an official if possible, it is a pity that Revolut does not host official versions of the older apps for those who need them. They would not be needed to be supported, just downloadable…

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@schayg Hello, Welcome to the community. :wave:

Thank you for reaching out.I completely understand your frustration, and I’m truly sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.

Unfortunately we currently don’t officially support Revolut on Android emulators or Android versions below 7.0. :frowning_face:

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Veda | Community team

I understand, it is not the official support what would be important, more a possible access to previous app versions.
I an happy to try, there were versions which ran OK on Bluestacks.