app crashes when I request statement

Each time I press Statement since I need one for a transaction as legal proof - each time the app requests the pin/passcode and then crashes and does nothing.
This service is a joke for anyone who needs serious banking.
I have had enough.

I tried it with iOS 13.1.1 and Revolut App 6.10. Statements work for me so far. What versions are you running?

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100% same issue.
Unacceptable by any standard.
App 6.9.1 - nearly the same as yours, Android 9 with Moto g7

This “bank” is useless - I would have had my statement within seconds with my normal bank, here I don’t even get a statement for a 2400€ transaction with I need for my taxes.

Android 9 and app version 6.9.1 - it crashed.
Updated to newest version.
Does not work.
Now chatting to support, it seems I am not the first one… She asked for my email to send them to me. Better than nothing but still burdensome really.

Disgraceful from the app.

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The PlayStore shows that 6.10 is available for Android as well. Have you tried updating your app?

updated. no difference. it crashes.

Too bad. You could contact support and maybe they can generate you a statement as a temporarily workaround?

Yes. OK. wasted now 1h on this. If my factor in my time, it’s super expensive “banking”…
but thanks. I surely was the last transfer I did with them.

They’re not a bank, fwiw

I don’t know why you’re using them for serious transactions

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I had no problem generating a statement for a transaction on Android 9 with app 6.10 on a HTC

Works fine on my OnePlus 6T as well.
@rev_spa, the app generates the PDF – in my case with… Which app do you use for that? Maybe there’s the problem. Try Cloud Print if you don’t.

Don’t bother to try to help, he is just here to say how bad is Revolut and how is waste of time to use it, and if you try to help he just ignore you and continue to complain. Long time ago he said, he will never use Revolut again and still he continue…
Statement works for me as well - Android 8. Latest version of the app.

I keep seeing those people’s posts. In many cases it is PEBCAK or they do not at all read T&C or forum posts…
I often realize that too late. :roll_eyes:

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It works fine for me, on app version 6.10.
I have a Nexus 6P with Android 8.1.0.