App crashes consistently after entering PIN


Did you get the email OK from testflight?


Ah - Apple needs to do a short review of beta builds. You should get notified / an email once they are done. Then you just hit start testing from the email and you should see the code you need


I am having the very same issue, Ireland based.

I’m going to stick it out and wait for a fix to be released before finally deciding if I’ll commit tot the card or not.

What I would say is that I made a forum post to which @edward replied once and then went ghost mode. I had also sent a handful of tweets to see if there was any information as to what was the problem.

I do understand that replying to everything that is posted either here, twitter or elsewhere is time consuming and not always easy. The worry I have is of Revolut’s contactability in the event of a more serious issue while using the card…we shall see I suppose.


If you send me your email, first name and last name, I can send you a build we believe fixes it. It would really help us out if you tried it out and let us know


Yes I am on the waitinglist, but cancelled the email because I was getting
a reminder every 10 minutes. Cancelled after about 30 emails…


You were getting the same email multiple times? Seems like we might have a trigger bug there on the server side. What was the mail title?


You’ve reached the top of our waiting list!


Ah, thanks for feeding this back. I think we’ve identified this email problem. We’re fixing it now


Good news everyone - we have verified the fix. 4.7.2 should be released by this afternoon and we will also do a server deployment to fix a related issue. So everything should work by this afternoon


Fantastic to hear! Hopefully it all works


OK in app fix for newer users is released onto the app store. Older users will need the server deployment which is scheduled for tomorrow morning!


I’m in Ireland and got an email to say I had reached the top of the waiting list, tried my pin code on the app and it just crashes, it’ unusable. I’m also on an iPhone.

Resolved by deleting the App and reinstalling the App!


Hi based in Ireland and my app keeps crashing also after I enter pin. Newest version of iOS. Tried reinstalling app. No joy. App support not working. This is my first dealing with Revolut not filling me with confidence.


Please update your app to 4.7.2


Yep. That worked. Cheers😀


hi i am also having this issue can i please go on the list to try it ,thank’s ,


Can you check if you have the latest version of the app? (4.7.3)


Hey guys.
App is crashing on my iPhone 4s, after entering the pin!
I will be travelling soon and really need this amended.


Hi there. Are you on the latest version of the app and is your phone system up to date?


Can you send it to me as well please?