App crashes consistently after entering PIN

Please update your app to 4.7.2

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Yep. That worked. Cheers😀


hi i am also having this issue can i please go on the list to try it ,thank’s ,

Can you check if you have the latest version of the app? (4.7.3)

Hey guys.
App is crashing on my iPhone 4s, after entering the pin!
I will be travelling soon and really need this amended.

Hi there. Are you on the latest version of the app and is your phone system up to date?

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Can you send it to me as well please?

@edward @JessicaZ @AndreasK
Help me please,
i have the same issue,
the latest Revolut app. is crashing now every time after enter the PIN
Using iPhone 5 with latest iOS 10.3.3 for that phone.
Reinstalled the Revolut app, rebooted the phone doesn’t works…
All prevision Revolut apps versions was working fine, but not the latest one…

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Hi there. Could you please try to reset your passcode?

I think, this is a permanent error. I have also problems with my iPhone 5C. We have to have at least an iPhone 6. Or higher.

Same thing on iphone 6s. After the last update I have to make more then 3-4 tries to login in the app… please fix it.

Same issue since the last upgrade.

In Greece with an iPhone 6 running the latest version of iOS.

The problem is, I also received a reminder email to re-verify my ID due to a possible No Deal Brexit, and I am unable to do so.

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Edward, I am on an iPhone X running 13.2 located in USA.
I received an email this morning, “We’re ready to take you off of our waiting list. There’s just one thing: we need you to update your Revolut app first.” I updated the app and after trying to login with both FaceID or PIN the app crashes. This was also happening before I updated the app. I tried uninstalling and installing the app and had the same results.


So after I posted the previous message, the app let me pass the passcode screen and this screen came up. There was a link that used to show above “Bump me up the que” that said something like “just let me know when I move up”. I tried clicking the above “just let me know…” link and the app glitched again and exited out. The link doesn’t show now (the photo attached) after I’ve entered the passcode.

After updating the OS and app, it worked!

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Been trying since before Christmas but no joy, app downloaded and put number in but the message to say … something as gone wrong please try later … help

In the morning, every time I was entering my PIN the app was crashing, then I have reinstalled the app, they wanted to go through new registration with the phone number. Obviously why cant you log in normally? Put into my number and passcode, then it was saying: “something went wrong please try again later”, did the same thing with the lost access to the number, put my “lost” number details and PIN, same “something went wong please try again later”. I have some savings on my revolut and dont have access to my account, can’t contact anyone as you have only an automated phone line and chats only via app, which i cant log in to. Currently in the UK, registered my Revolut for Polish number…This is very annoying and worrying. What now???

When was this “morning”? If it was yesterday, 13 February: they had a scheduled maintenance during this time.

Can’t log in since yesterday to the app. In the morning after putting the password app didint answer, then reinstalled the app, they want me to create a new account, putting my number, “try again later”, very annoying & can’t contact anyone from you as outside app… please!

Every time i enter the app ,it doesnt accept the passcode and it makes me create a new one .Could you help?