App crash when requesting a split


the android app crashes when you request to split a bill. Precisely, it crashes (in the bad way, the one in which android asks you to kill the app) when you hit the “request” button, at the very end of the process.

We experienced this on 3 devices with version 4.15 and the one before, all devices on android 7.

App crashes if trying to split bills

I experience the same app’s behaviour.
@andreapiermarteri have you contacted in-app support?
@AndreasK can you help?


I reply here: I contacted the in-app support, we did some easy checks but this seems to be clearly a bug, tech support is working on it. Let’s hope it will be fixed soon !


I’m having the same problem, app crashes when I use split bill feature. There is 3 of us on holiday all using our own card and yesterday the app crashed for all of us, help please quick


Hi guys, our tech team is working hard for a fix! Thanks for your patience.