App crash on iOS 11 beta 2 when adding beneficiary for payment to bank account


Hi! Was trying to make transfer between my Revolut account and my other UK bank account. After adding the beneficiary SMS code verification, the app crashes. I’m running the Revolut app on iOS 11 public beta 2, iPhone 7. I understand it may take some time to fix this as iOS 11 is not officially launched.

Looking forward to see this bug fixed.


Hello @alexbiet,

Thank you for contacting us. I will forward it to the team.

Could you please let us know if you have tried to log out and log back in the app?


Andreas K


Hello @AndreasK,

Just tried now to logout and log back in. The app crashes after I type the last digit of the SMS code. When I relaunch the app I am logged in.

Then proceeded to add a business beneficiary for the bank transfer. Again, the app crashes after I type the last digit of the SMS verification code. Unfortunately, the new beneficiary is not saved after I relaunched the app.

Thank you for your help.


I’ve got some issues on IOS 11 beta 4. The App crash sometimes, and i’m not able to activate notifications. Even if i reinstall the app. Maybe a beta test for a new Revolut App for iOS 11 :slight_smile: ?


Just updated to the latest version of the app and the issue seems to be resolved.
Well done Revolut team! :smiley: