App crash/change number



I can’t login to my Revolut App because there are not my country phone number on it.

Its Cambodia (+855). I changed my number with Live Agent Gabriela but now i cannot login on app with this number because i cant select it

Can i have some help here?



Hello :slight_smile:
You should probably talk with support again.
If you can’t login, you can talk with them by putting a phone number you can actually write, then clicking Forgot? and then clicking Support on the top right corner :slight_smile:

Change phone number without access to app

I already do that :

Open a new account and contact suport.

I got the help of Gabriela Live Suport but she change my account with my Cambodian phone number. Now i cant Login with the Cambodian number (+855) not in list and my last french number are now Invalid maybe because this number was already used and closed for my Cambodian number.


Hello again Kriss :slight_smile:

I do understand. I didn’t realize that if you can’t input the number, you can’t reach the support chat. This is bad :frowning:

You might want to get in touch with :r: through

Some people suggest you’ll get a faster, more suitable answer there :slight_smile:


Hello Juliop thanks for your answers! I’ll check on twitter and facebook asap!