App crash at start after PIN input and / or touch ID


The Revolut app crashes almost always at the first start after the PIN input or after Touch ID immediately. If I then open the app again and then again use my PIN or touch ID, it works without problems. The error occurs with a Wi-Fi connection as well as under mobile network.

If I close the app on my iPhone under multitasking, the above error happens again.

Technical Information
Revolut App version 3.7.3
Phone: Apple iPhone 6s (Hardware Model: iPhone8,1)
OS: iOS 10.2.1 (14D27)

The Apple Share Diagnostics and Share With App Developers feature is enabled.

Thanks for the help and troubleshooting.


Did you try to delete and reinstall the app?


It is a new installation. My account was created just a few days ago. I wanted to report the error here, since I have not found the error so far in the community.

The error does not always happen.


Thank you for letting us know @DonAlex93, tech team will take a look.