App chat problems


I don’t want to complain about the delay. :slight_smile:

Agent replied a few hours later, and I headed to the chat. The text was masked out by a large pink-red global message (“hi we’re sorry we experience a widespread blah blah”), which does have an X to close which doesn’t work, so it’s not possible to close.

But the agent want to know whether I am satisfied or have further questions (bottom Yes/No dialog) which possibly blocks the X in the pink monster dialog. So I cannot read the message but I have to tell whether it was satisfactory!

(As a sidenote: I guess the bottom widgets/dialogs block scrolling, too, so if the agent would be readable [no Pink Monster™] I wouldn’t be able to read it when it’s long.)

After that I get another dialog to rate the agent. No, I still cannot close the Pink Monster™ so nobody knows (but Jesus) what the agent wrote, but I have to rate it. Uhmmm… well…

After that I rated the agent I can close the Pink Monster™ and I can read what s/he wrote. Obviously I cannot reopen the chat and I cannot re-rate the agent.

(And it’s an APP-ONLY chat, which is super annoying since I hate writing long sentences on a mobile device, but that’s really my personal problem.)



Which device are you using?