API Without Business account


In order to further improve my tracking capability, i would like to somehow access my revolut activity.
I know I can export it every month (or any time), however I would really appreciate if i could access this data in a streamed fashion.

I was wondering whether it’s possible to fetch these from an API endpoint without signing up for a business plan.

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Balazs Hajdu


+1 Exactly what I was thinking when I heard about the business API.

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<sarcasm>what’s next? a web interface?! revolut is app-only for *censored* sake! that’s all normal people needs these days!</sarcasm>

it kind of sounds like you do run a business. if it’s a one person business, even if incorporated as a limited liability company, you can apply a for a freelancer account for the same price as a premium human. I didn’t know so I’m paying £25 instead of £6.99, but I’m still saving quite a bit of money.

keep in mind that the standard personal account has very limited free FX and high risk of getting blocked.


My case has nothing to do with any kind of business. I am simply a data-chauvinist with uncontrollable urge to statisfy my OCD. I have no intention to manage partners, initiate payments, integrate with my ERPs and any kind of business processes.

In layman terms i would like to access my statement throughout an API (or in worse case just by a service that sends me my statement any time it updates, or at least in a daily manner).

I would like to create my own analysis as the one in the applycation is not customizable enough for my needs.


I would definitely want an API for my personal Revolut account !

For about 10 years I use an application to record all my spendings. It would be great to make all the payments from Revolut, put descriptions on all transactions and import all data into my existing system.

I don’t want to loose my 10 years history + I prefer my system for the evidence of spendings.

Revolut Business is not a solution + the API doesn’t export the transaction description introduced by the user.



I have a premium account and a proper API access would help greatly on justifying the membership. Continue the disruption by offering the best service, please!


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@AndreasK Is there or will there be a way to access my data via an API? I’m scripting a bunch of budget things and would love to be able to do this and not have to enter everything manually.