API Product Updates 2.0

Hey fellow developers! :person_raising_hand:

Our team has been hard at work🏋️ to enhance your developer experience, making sure you have all the tools you need to build amazing applications. Let’s dive into the highlights from the previous weeks:

Postman Collection Updates:

Our Postman collection has received some significant updates to make your API testing and development even more seamless.

To access the updated collection directly, click here.

SEPA payments without BIC:

In the Business API, you no longer need to provide BIC when creating a new EUR counterparty with a SEPA IBAN.

​​The API itself hasn’t changed but you can head here to review the specification.

/Counterparty and /Counterparty API changes:

  • As of July 25, the “phone” field has been removed from the response payload. Affected endpoints: /counterparty and /counterparties.
  • We have introduced pagination in our /counterparties endpoints. This change will be rolled out on August 8th 2023 and will apply to all business users.

RevTag expansion:

Now you can easily send payments using personalized RevTags of your Revolut recipients. Enjoy the ease of API payments with just the name and RevTag of your Revolut recipients😎.

You can check our documentation on how to create counterparties with RevTag.

:incoming_envelope:Please feel free to leave any comments if you have any questions or need further clarification regarding these updates. Your feedback is highly appreciated!


HI there!

I tried to create my own conversation, but access was denied, so I figured maybe you could help me this way :slight_smile:

Is there any specification of error codes? It would be very useful for me so I can use the error codes into customized (and translated) messages to the end user. I could not find these codes anywhere in your documentation,

For example, when making a call to POST /counterparty and providing an invalid postcode, the body I receive is:
“message”:“Postcode XX for country YY is invalid”,“code”:1036

I expect that 1036 is the specific error code for an invalid post code, and that there are more of these error codes. Could these error codes be published?

Thanks for your response,


As there is no official flutter sdk for Revolut, what will be the best way to implement it without using with Native android and iOS sdk on flutter? will checkout url work by just lunching it in a webview without the Revolut Widget?


Hello Mark,

Thank you for your question!

Unfortunately, the description about our error codes isn’t currently in our API documentation; however, we have plans to publish it soon. Stay tuned for updates :slightly_smiling_face:

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