API Product Updates 2.0

Hey fellow developers! :person_raising_hand:

Our team has been hard at work🏋️ to enhance your developer experience, making sure you have all the tools you need to build amazing applications. Let’s dive into the highlights from the previous weeks:

Postman Collection Updates:

Our Postman collection has received some significant updates to make your API testing and development even more seamless.

To access the updated collection directly, click here.

SEPA payments without BIC:

In the Business API, you no longer need to provide BIC when creating a new EUR counterparty with a SEPA IBAN.

​​The API itself hasn’t changed but you can head here to review the specification.

/Counterparty and /Counterparty API changes:

  • As of July 25, the “phone” field has been removed from the response payload. Affected endpoints: /counterparty and /counterparties.
  • We have introduced pagination in our /counterparties endpoints. This change will be rolled out on August 8th 2023 and will apply to all business users.

RevTag expansion:

Now you can easily send payments using personalized RevTags of your Revolut recipients. Enjoy the ease of API payments with just the name and RevTag of your Revolut recipients😎.

You can check our documentation on how to create counterparties with RevTag.

:incoming_envelope:Please feel free to leave any comments if you have any questions or need further clarification regarding these updates. Your feedback is highly appreciated!