API for Revolut Trading

I see that the API can return accounts, payments, exchanges etc.

However I would like to see an API for Revolut trading. To return the list of buy / sell transactions on the stocks I own, instant profit/loss on each stock etc.

When will Revolut issue the Revolut Trading API?

Come on, don’t wait for a screen-scrapping script kiddie to do this for you, Revolut!


Hi Revolut, any feedback on if anybody in the dev team is looking at providing the API for Revolut Trading?

I would also be interested in this. Being a metal member, trading experience could be greatly improved if eg plugged into a desktop class UI.
Would be curious to know if this is this under consideration by Revolut team.


That would be very useful indeed. Any updates from the Revolut team?

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I am using a third-party finance app to have an overview of all my bank accounts, including an Open API connection to Revolut. While this seamlessly syncs my standard Revolution transactions, I would largely appreciate if other accounts managed via Revolut (Stocks, Crypto, Commodities, Vaults) are also getting exposed via the API.

Is there any plan to extend the API capabilities?

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Would be very good. Mind sharing which app you’re using? TiA!

I’m using Toshl Finance.

I hope they do this, I really want to automate my investments…