API for Revolut Trading

I see that the API can return accounts, payments, exchanges etc.

However I would like to see an API for Revolut trading. To return the list of buy / sell transactions on the stocks I own, instant profit/loss on each stock etc.

When will Revolut issue the Revolut Trading API?

Come on, don’t wait for a screen-scrapping script kiddie to do this for you, Revolut!


Hi Revolut, any feedback on if anybody in the dev team is looking at providing the API for Revolut Trading?

I would also be interested in this. Being a metal member, trading experience could be greatly improved if eg plugged into a desktop class UI.
Would be curious to know if this is this under consideration by Revolut team.


That would be very useful indeed. Any updates from the Revolut team?

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I am using a third-party finance app to have an overview of all my bank accounts, including an Open API connection to Revolut. While this seamlessly syncs my standard Revolution transactions, I would largely appreciate if other accounts managed via Revolut (Stocks, Crypto, Commodities, Vaults) are also getting exposed via the API.

Is there any plan to extend the API capabilities?


Would be very good. Mind sharing which app you’re using? TiA!

I’m using Toshl Finance.

I hope they do this, I really want to automate my investments…

Another one waiting for this!
Can we have somehow at least a read API?
I would like to build something to show my current portfolio position.

I would very much like to see this is as well. I already have my Revolut account linked with the Emma Budgeting app to see my transactions, if the app could also show my Revolut investments together with other investment sources, that would be great.

Would be nice to have an API where after being authenticated with a token/secret we could post buy and sell orders, list our portfolio and the current price of the asset, and even access some historical prices.
I would like to have access to the historical transitions list to be able to calculate profits.

That would be nice just to start

Paulo Aboim Pinto