API access?


In the API docs, it states

Once you sign up for your Revolut Business account on business.revolut.com, you will be issued with two API-keys, one for sandbox and one for production environment. The sandbox environment is useful for development and allows you to play with test data. Some of the data will be pre-populated so you can start quickly.

Has this been implemented yet? Or TBA (if so - any ETA?)


Revolut Open API

I have a Business account myself.
The API is available (both sandbox and “real” keys), but a few important features are still missing:

  • There is no way to exchange funds between currencies
  • There is no way to see what account number incoming transfers came from (only holder name is displayed)
  • There is no way to receive a “push” notification on a webhook on incoming transfers (only for completion of outgoing transfers)
  • There is no possible interaction whatsoever with credit cards, virtual or otherwise.

Other than that, it works, and is available. (And no, it does not cost extra; it is included with the business account.)


Hi @Thulinma - thanks for providing this info. We are working to include the above points as part of “Phase 2”. The only comment I’d have on the above is that you can use the webhook to generate a “push” notification.

We will be shortly opening up API use to the all customers.




@JamesRevolut opening API use to all the customers means it will not be limited to “Revolut for Business”? Any ETA on that?

Nice regards, Sash


I’m actually interested in this too, will the API be for all costumers ?

Also, do premium users have access to the API already ?



Any update on when the API will be available for all customers?


Hey minimim

You should read this

A quote from the blog post above


Sorry, maybe I should have been clearer.

I meant when will the API be rolled out for all customers, ie for personal customers, not just business customers.

I would love to see revolut integrated with Emma, for example.


@minimim Hi, there is no specific timeframe, but our team is working on it. :man_mechanic:


I would love to see that too :slight_smile:


Awesome! Maybe schedule some Hackathons together with a RevRally or something :slight_smile:


Any update on this? Bump!