Anything I try to pay is refused!!


Hi guys and Revolut team,

With the Revolut physical card all what I try to pay is refused :

  • Marcadona, a big chain of super market in Spain
  • RENFE online in spain (the national train company)
  • Lenovo online

this last time I received a message on my phone saying that the online payment is not activated, but in the options of the card everything is activated…
The balance is sufficient on my card, and sure I checked each time if the card is activated.

I am doing something wrong, or I have a wrong idea n the capacity of this card??

Thank you!


Were your payments at stores contactless? There has to be a first chip + PIN payment to “activate” the card.


Not by contactless, I keep this not activated in the app because I don’t like… :no_mouth:


I can see that you’ve Card Settings: Ecommerce transactions disable.


In the APP the option is enable.


I still see it as disabled.


right, should be ok now?
What about this problem in supermarket?


Yup! I can see it now enabled!

Let me check.


Mercadona, it’s a big chain in Spain


It looks like a connection error.


Thank you Andreas, I will keep trying.
I just made right now the online order to Lenovo, no problem with the payment.
have a good day and thanks again!!