Anyone with experiences of using Revolut in Vietnam?


hmm, but you still can use magnetic stripe? (if enabled in app settings).


Swipe payments are allowed but if trying the magnetic it’s denied and told in the app “Please use chip and PIN whenever they are available”.

Argentina - Issues with Revolut VISA card

Did you tried to talk to support about this?


I am now in Vietnam and need to say that payments are mostly useless as someone mentioned, only 7eleven stores accept it and shops at the airport.
For ATMs have not had any what is free of charge, mostly it is 35k-50k for amount of 3mln vnd. MBBank is 49,500vnd. I use MasterCard regular card.


Hey there, I’m in Vietnam right now, tryed out the VP Bank and it’s working like a charm, without any fee :slight_smile: I tried both Revolut and Curve card at round midnight local time and both have similar rates, Curve tending to have a slightly better rate though.

Concerning the cards, I do have troubles when paying with the Revolut card, however, didn’t notice any while paying with the Curve linked to a Revolut account. The same experience was in Qatar a couple of days ago.


Did you used Visa or Mastercard?


Definitely NOT good, I’d want some compensation as ‘R’ are not sticking to their ‘T’s n C’s. Time is money.


As for Revolut, I got the Visa card. Curve is Mastercard, didn’t actually think it makes such a difference. Kind of still used to Europe where it doesn’t matter really.