Anyone with experiences of using Revolut in Vietnam?

Just to clarify we do offer the best available, and there’s no fee of 2% on VND. We can take a closer look into your account.

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

I also got around 1% more today when I withdrew in Vietnam (compared to Oanda’s real time exchange rate)

Perhaps you don’t call it a fee, but the exchange rate of the VND oscillates between two values.
One is really close to the inter bank rate and the other is 2% lower. It seems that when one of the forex markets is closed the 2% is added. This is during weekdays
I checked the exchange rate of euro to VND using the Revolut app and roughly between 4pm and 8pm the exchange rate is better. I still need to do some more checking for the exact times.
The same happens to the Lao Kip. Around 9pm Lao time the 2% disappears and Revolut gives around the inter bank rate. During the day there is a 2% fee/markup. This seems to be related to the Chicago forex exchange

Could you share which ATM you used and if it charged you a fee and was there limit?

I used ANZ bank and got the same results as you. You just have to select “Foreign currency” when asked whether you want to be charged in GBP or VND. But the exchange rate was 1% different from the real-time one.

Ok, this is becoming even more funny.

Tonight I tried to pay for my hotel in Vietnam in VND. The Revolut transaction was refused, so I had to pay with my Curve card.

Guess what? Curve was substantially cheaper.

@anon33247966, any explanation for this? I know Revolut is supposed to charge the real time rate. But remember that Curve applies a 1% commission on the official MasterCard rate…

P.S.: I forgot to mention that Curve offers free 200£ ATM withdrawal, the same as the “new” Revolut policy.

Hi @caprotti,

Today is Boxing Day, which is a bank holiday. Therefore, the Forex is closed and the Weekend rate applies.

“At the weekend (Friday 00:00 - Sunday 23:59) we apply a small mark up on the spot rate as the Forex markets are closed. We take the rate from Friday 00:00 and apply a 0.5% mark up on major currencies and 1.0% on other currencies to protect the company from potential losses due to a large fluctuation in the rate. For illiquid currencies like Russian Ruble and Thai Baht, there is 1.5% mark up on weekend.”

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you too!

So what happened to the VND? Nominally Revolut and Curve should charge the same (exchange rate at closed market +1%).

Is VND an illiquid currency for Revolut?

@anon33247966, any comment on how Revolut classifies the VND, as per my last comment above?

Yes Andreas, Revolut is charging 2% more of the interbank rate in Laos Kip an Vietnamese dong when the US market is closed. Actually one year later is the same.

Revolut rate now on Thursday morning is 7544 Lao kip and interbank rate is around 7750 Lao Kip. But then in the evening it will probably jump up again 200Kip. The same in the rates of Vietnam.


You see? The actual rate is around 2% lower than the minimum daily rate


From 2 days ago

Confirmed, when the New York market opens the rate for Vietnam dong and Lao Kip improves around 3% and is even better than the MasterCard rate, but much worse than MasterCard rate when New York market is closed (even at night during working days).

Yesterday because of Thanksgiving holiday was very bad, but today improved a lot when the market opened.

Interesting, thank you. I’m going there in February, so that means I need to pay or cash money from ATMs between 9:00 pm and 5 or 6 am local (Vietnam) time? Is that right?

Yes! That’s right Luderic

I’ve been monitoring this too (the USDVND exchange rate in the Revolut app) as I’ll be in Vietnam again soon. You definately need to check the exchange rate in the app before making a payment as otherwise you risk being seriously flogged, the difference is substantial between the times when the rate is good, and the other times when it is AWFUL (this is indeed during the week).
So either check the exchange rate in-app just before making a payment, or use an alternative like Monzo or Loot which will reliably give you a good exchange rate, even on weekends. Though if you get the timing right with Revolut, their rate is slightly better (but this rate is only available 25% or so of the time).
Or take cash and exchange it locally (good rates are available on USD and EUR, don’t know about GBP). Actually in Hanoi I got several percent more than the official/interbank rate when I exchanged my EUR, thanks to the currency controls and resulting strong demand for cash foreign currency. In Saigon this was not the case however, rates offered were at or near the official/interbank rates.
In any case credit cards are only of limited use in Vietnam, which is still very much a cash economy.
Watch out for high ATM fees though when taking out cash! Pretty much all ATMs charge fees, which are added to the amount you withdraw. Ie if you withdraw 2,000,000 you might find 2,050,000 on your statement.

As an update, I was able to get interbank exchange rates even on other currencies such as the AUD and Thai Baht when exchanging cash in Sai Gon / HCMC last week. If you can, take cash, you can try the exchange bureau on Nguyen Thiep in D1 (just of Nguyen Hue), the consistently offer good rates and have a lot of cash going through them.

I all but gave up on trying to use my Revolut card to pay in Vietnam, most of the time the exchange rate was around 22300 to the USD which is about 2% lower than it should be. Only every now and then was it around 22700 which is where it should be.

In terms of ATM fees I tried a few and I think the best are:

  • Citibank, if you are withdrawing 6 or 8 million VND (you cannot choose an mount in between!). Fee is 60K.
  • Agribank, I could only withdraw 3M VND but the fee is a fixed 22K which is very reasonable by Vietnamese standards

Avoid Asia Commercial Bank (ACB), fee was 55K for 3M VND withdrawn.
Sacom bank was 1.5% with a minimum of 30K.
Dongha is meant to have low fees but wouldn’t give me any cash.

Still, the best may be to stock up on cash outside Vietnam and exchange it locally.


No ATM use charge at MB bank (max. of 3 mio. VND / withdrawl) and VPBank.
I used a Plus Card (not Mastercard).

Additional information can be found here (scroll down to ATM section).

Confirmed. VPBank doesn’t charge you anything when using Revolut MaterCard in Can Tho. I just came from ATM.

Hello there! So the best option is to use the rev card for payments and withdrawals from atm when us forex market is open. I just receive my card and i am new user traveling to southeast asia,so i am very interested on this. Thank you