Anyone used Revolut in South Korea?

any transaction without sufficient funds in that currency will be exchanged on the fly when your card is accepted. That is applied for any currency that you cannot hold (and exchange beforehand).

I was in Seoul couple weeks ago with my Revolut MasterCard.
I tried several ATMs from different banks, they all charge a withdrawal fee between 3500 won-4800 won fee. I was able to pay everywhere with it as well.

@ Sethide
I experienced the same. I spent 5 days in Seoul and DMZ. The only reason I needed cash is to top up my Tmoney card (it is insane that all that machines accept cash only and not bankcards).
I tried Shinhan bank and KB Star bank with my Revolut Visa. They charged 3600 and 3500 KRW respectively.
In any other situation (shopping, restaurants, hotels) I could use my Visa Revolut card smoothly.

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A quick update from November 2021:
I’m using the standard Revolut MasterCard. I had no problem paying in shops so far, but withdrawing cash from ATMs seems to have changed. I tried 4 different banks, here are the results:

  • Shinhan Bank: not possible
  • Woori Bank: not possible
  • KB Star: possible, fee is 3500KRW
  • Hana Bank: possible, fee is 4200KRW
    Before anyone asks, all of the ATMs had the MasterCard logo, and English menu with seemingly supporting international cards, but once I inserted my card they said it’s not supported for this type of transaction.
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Hello, I saw someone say that they can only use up to 200€ a month with revolut in south korea, is it true or were you able to use more than that?
Thank you

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I think you are looking for the ATM withdrawal limits with Revolut. :atm: I would suggest you to check this FAQ link for the details. Hope this helps. :hugs:

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FYI, just performed an atm cash withdraw 100,000 won at IBK Bank, didn’t work at KB Star Bank atm
Was charged a fee of 3,500 won

Insert revolut card, enter 4 digit pin, select cash withdrawal from either savings or current.
Hope it helps


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The 3500 seems to be a flat fee … I withdraw 1000000 won and was.charged the same 3500 won for that

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Thank you for letting us know about it @cccct. :atm:

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