Anyone having issues?

I can’t get into my account… Someone can tell me what’s going on.

Also every time I try to get some help, I get redirected to the live chat tool in the app, which I can’t access. So, bit of a dead end.

I have a blocked account and I can’t contact an agent, please help me.

I have my app locked on “Looking for an agent …” for 22 days.
Thats more than “48h response time”

Please solve my situation!

everything fine with my IpadOS 13.4.1

I have over £4000 in £ and $ and cannot get into my account via iPhone or iPad and just go round in circles in trying to access it as sometimes it says you need to create a new account or will not let me enter by using code sent to phone. Where is the help? Please help as I need to pay some bills.

I have the same issue. Can’t acces my account as I can’t get over selfie verification. Keeps me returnning over and over agan to page with face verification. So frustrating!

Hi, my account is locked for the past 5 days and no one is replying on “chat with us”? Can anyone please help with this?

I have the same issue. I can’t log in to my account. It was working just fine in the past… this is rediculous… I can’t even access the help center via the app. When I enter my code it just keeps loading forever.

Last night I made a transaction at Carrefour DAC (I took diesel for my car) for an amount of 15 euro, and on my revolut card, I see a transaction with the total amount of my account, it tells me remained 48.20 euro, and they gave everything at crossroads instead of the 15 euro that I took !!!
how can I get my money back?
is it really safe to use revolut evry day in France ?
i can’t write new topic, for this i put it her,

I have MRNA shares and can not sell them…