Anybody have GBP show up using POS terminal in Ireland


Happened to me today. The amount to pay was €28.
I pressed the green button and it went through as £25.05 which is rate of 0.899827, todays rate is 0.846378.

My Euro Revolut account was charged €29.69


This is dynamic currency conversion, whereby the merchant disingenuously charges you not the currency and amount that you authorised but another currency and amount, often 3% to 7% more; the extra profit is split between the merchant and the merchant’s bank. You should dispute the transaction with Revolut. Under MasterCard rules, you are supposed to be given the option to decline this disingenuous practice, but often it happens without any choice. It is a particular problem in Spain, but the first time I experienced it was coincidentally in Dublin in January 2002 using a EUR-denominated Visa card just a day after EUR cash had been first introduced. It didn’t take Irish merchants and their banks long to cotton on to this scam!


Hi @dohouch,

@NFH couldn’t have said it better :slight_smile:

Did the merchant notify you?


No, it was the Hilton hotel. I was staying there using loyalty points over new year, so all I had to pay was the extras such as meals. When I checked out, they gave me a bill in EUR without any GBP amount mentioned, with an indication that they would charge my Visa card, which they had swiped upon check-in - quite a normal procedure. But instead of charging my EUR-denominated Visa card with the EUR amount of the invoice, because my card was issued in the UK they decided to convert the amount to GBP plus 3% as an extra profit for them. I disputed it with my card issuer, who then reversed the whole transaction. I never heard from Hilton again, so I got free food.

This is what I encourage everyone to do who suffers dynamic currency conversion - dispute the entire charge as it’s the wrong currency and wrong amount, and leave it to the errant merchant to resubmit the correct currency and amount. Turn it into an administrative burden for the merchant, which will discourage them from doing it.


Hi, it happened to me twice! the merchant just pressed ‘ok’ and handed it over, before I realised I had put my pin in and got stung!! The merchant should give the option of what currency to pay in, however they did not. I have since taken note before I put my pin in and have challenged the merchant to input the correct currency of my choice. well done for disputing the charge. I didn’t think we could do that in this instance.