Any Plans To Add Nigeria In Your List Of Users


I am from Nigeria, someone introduced your product in a group I belong and I loved it. But unfortunately I discovered after downloading the App, that my country is not listed among users of your products. I want know, is there a plan to include Nigeria to your list of users?

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At the moment, Revolut is limited to people from Europe (or living in Europe).
They have plans to open for the US, Australia, Singapore and Hong-Kong pretty soon.

Nothing about Nigeria I’m afraid. They are targeting the big markets for now.

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Thanks for your quick response I appreciate!



But Nigeria is also a very big market…



I was lucky to get revolut before I moved to Nigeria, it is a great help for me to be able to get a good rate for my Danish kroner, when I use my atm card here in Nigeria, but I too wish they we come to Nigeria, so I can deposit to my Nigerian bank account.