Any plan to create a Revolut affiliate program?

(I know others have asked before, but maybe there are some news about it)

I’d like to know if there is any plan to setup an affiliate program for Revolut. It would be great for everybody: travel bloggers and Revolut. You’ll gain much more exposure (and links), and bloggers would earn a small commission at the same time they’re writing about their experiences with Revolut cards. Think about and the way they become so “big” working by with affiliates all over the world.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas! Best regards.

Filipe Morato Gomes at (oldest Portuguese travel blog)


Hi @fmgomes,

Thank you for sharing your ideas with us. We’re actually thinking to create a Revolut affiliate program, rest assured we will notified you once we have more info.


Andreas K.


I like to know how far you guys are in creating an affiliate program!
Lots of colleagues and friends have been asking about Revolut, I love to direct them, via my websites too


Same at my community of people. The world is becoming smaller and we travel so much meeting different nationalities, people from all over the world.

Would be great to hear from you guys if there is any progress in an Affiliate program :slight_smile:

Any new regarding this?

Any update on this, as I can bring you lots more customers fast

Hi @fmgomes,

We are already offering an affiliate program for selected partners. I’ve sent you a private message with my email.


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This is a great idea


I want to be part of this also if possible.

Thank you,

Is it the Ambassador Program ?

Hello, I also would be interested in afiliating revolut, I have usesd it as my main travelling card and for my bussines for the last year, and Inlove it, I would like to include a topic in my blog about how easy and usefull it is.

Kind regards

Hi! If it’s possible, I would like to be a part of your affiliate program, too. At this moment I’m successfully work in this area with one of yours competitor in EU.

I have a travel blog. I find the Revolut card to be a great asset and want to write a blog about my experience. If possible I would love to get some news about the affiliate program.

…good to know that. Right.

Hey guys. If you follow revolut on Instagram you will see pictures from ambassadors. Sometimes they look for more :slight_smile:

Hi Revolut.

I’m very interested in your affiliate program. I have an online platform that teaches entrepreneurs to build online business from a-z. I really like your service and would love to promote you as part of some our quick guides on the website.

Best Regards,

May I also ask for PM with affiliate program details?
Thanks in advance.

Hi. Could you please contact me with details of affiliate program? Thank you

Please send me more information about Revolut affiliate program.
Thank you

Hi, I’m interested too by the affiliate program, I’ve a Business Platform for SMB and Freelancers, so I’ll be able to promote for Business and Personal context. Thanks