Any news/updates regarding personal USD IBANs?


Hello everyone,

I believe that the title says it all. As I work online, I have several clients around the world, all of which pay me via wire transfers in their respective currencies. The new personal EUR IBAN is very helpful to me. However, more than 50% of my clients are in the US and that forces me to use another payment processor/service, which does incur an additional charge and makes my life a little bit more complicated than I like. I would really like to be able to just use Revolut for everything. So, are there any news/updates regarding personal USD IBANs? An ETA maybe?


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Any news/updates regarding personal USD IBANs?


I would also like to know this. Both for personal ACH/wire USD account numbers and business accounts.
(Note: USD IBAN would be practically useless: you can transfer USD to any non-USD IBAN and it will auto-convert to the currency of the receiving account at the interbank rate already - this works now already with Revolut IBANs as far as I am aware.)

Last I heard from Revolut support, they were working on improving communication about timelines etc, especially for Business accounts. I haven’t seen any improvement yet, but I know they are working on it and am keeping my fingers crossed it will happen sooner rather than later.


Any news on when Revolut will offer personal accounts in USD?