Any Holiday Recommendations? ✈️ ✈️

Since the last few days, I have been thinking of going somewhere for a holiday. But it’s too difficult for me to decide because mostly I prefer to go on a budget friendly trip. :flight_departure:

I was checking out the places and have shortlisted some as well, such as; Vietnam, Seychelles, Qatar, Hong Kong, Turkey, South Korea. But I’m confused about which one will be the best choice. :expressionless:

Do you have any ideas about this? Can you guys help me choose a budget friendly place, please? :thinking:

I’m looking at the comment section for suggestions. :small_airplane: :small_airplane:

P.S : Let me know quickly because I need to cut down on some of my expenses and apply for leaves as well. :joy: :joy:

Veda | Community Team

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Try Kayak
Where you can look at the map to see flight prices around

Maybe try some travel company website, with leave now

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Thanks for the advice @hup333. :smiley:

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