Any experiences on using Revolut in Mexico


I’m going to Mexico and was wondering if you have any experiences using Revolut card in there?
Any advices, suggestions highly appreciated :slight_smile:
Many thanks

I was in Cancun in July. Occasionally the big supermarket didn’t like the card but my partner had one as well so one usually worked. No problems withdrawing cash. As with most ATMs abroad there was a charge for withdrawing cash so we tried to make larger fewer withdrawals.
Hope this helps

I read on another site that quite a few of their ATM’s require the magstripe to be enabled.

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Yes that’s right @badskittler. Check the security settings of your card, and make sure magstripe is enabled.
Unfortunately, no ATMs free of charges have been reported so far in Mexico.

What about the fees? There’s no fees at all if you pay with the Revolut Card in MXN currency? Thank you!

No any fees for card payments @Pierrick

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That’s correct. No Fees added by Revolut, only the ATM charge for cash.

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So it would be cheaper for me to withdraw a large sum of cash from the ATM instead of changing my Euros to Pesos at a change office?

Do you have to have a premium account to use in Mexico or just standard without paying fees?

I have been in Mexico for the last 6 months. Travelling around a few different states. My Revolut card has worked great for me out here. I have had next to no trouble paying by card or withdrawing cash. I have struggled to find an atm that doesn’t charge a fee. Most seem to charge about 25mxn (1gbp). Avoid withdrawing from Scotiabank, they charge like 80mxn.

HELLO! I have a very similar issue. I have just got my new card from Revolut as I was hoping to use it in my trip to Mexico (leaving this monday 2nd April).

  • I understand however, that I cannot create a pot in MXN currency, right?
  • And I also understand I can still pay with the Revolut card in MXN currency from my GBP pot with no fees - but if withdraw cash at ATM I get charges, corretc?
  • What is magstripe? and do I enable it?

Thanks so much


Hi there. MXN is a supported spending currency.

Spending with the Revolut multi-currency card in store or online is free, as well as transferring money via our app. However, to be sustainable we have to employ a fair usage policy: Currency exchange transactions are free up to £5,000/€5,000 per month and anything over is charged 0.5%. You can check your remaining fee-free allowance any time under your current price plan in the ‘Profile’ section.

Revolut customers can withdraw up to £200 or €200 per rolling month for free, but we apply a small fee of 2% thereafter to cover our costs.

We have a number of security settings that can be applied to each of your Revolut cards and you can adjust these any time you want in the ‘Cards’ section of the app. Magstripe Payments: Disabling magstripe card payments will help prevent your card from being used fraudulently or cloned. Please always use the Chip and PIN method when it’s available.

Hi Jessica.
This sounds all very good.

Forgive my naivety, but I want to check if my understanding is correct.
Although I cannot make a separate account in MXN (as I have for GBP and EUR), when I am in Mexico I can still make free payments with the card in store/online up to a limit of £5000 (is money taken from my GBP account?) and withdraw the equivalent of £200 for free (and anything over is charged 2%).

I can see the security options, thanks very much for pointing that out. I have switched ‘swipe payments’ off.

Thanks very much


I can’t seen to transfer to MXN within the Revolut app. Has this currency been removed? Or did the previous discussion between Ramp and Jessica mean that it was possible to use one’s own currency (GBP for me) to pay for things in Mexico?


Hi everybody,

I’ve during August 2020 and after trying several ATM, I found one that you can witdraw money for FREE.

The bank is SANTANDER. There are a lot and normally you will always find one near Soriana supermarket.

Hope this helps!