Antigua, Guatemala

Hi there,

I have tried to use my revolut card at almost any bank in Antigua. Some ATM’s just stop and give back the card. Some say they don’t recognize the bank and one of them said I needed to pay 31 Quetzales fee wich I confirmed… but didnt get my money afterwards. I checked the app when I returned to a place with wifi and it didnt withdraw any money. Anybody knows what could be the problem? Or know a bank the should most definitly work?

Hey @Damit :slight_smile:

From my experiences the time I travelled to Ecuador, my “classic bank” cards were rejected by many ATMs because they were on a separate network. I had to go to a bigger city and find a “better ATM” :wink:

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Hey Juliopp, thanks for your reply and the tip. Antigua is quite touristy so I expected it to work. I’ll keep trying in different spots while travelling. Thanks

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Revolut card is still not working anywhere in Guatemala, I’ve been trying in different ATMs and it’s declined all the time.

As you said even doesn’t work in Antigua, a very touristic place.

Does anyone have any updates on whether you can use your Revolut card in Guatemala? I’m heading there in a couple of weeks and will be a bit stuck if not. If anyone has any experiences/knows which ATMs work it’d be very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

If it’s of any use, my Revolut card worked ok in Nicaragua last week, but only at the second or third machine I tried, and that was in a relatively (by their standards) large town (which attracts a lot of tourists) so I’d suggest keep trying various ATMs until you get lucky.

Also make sure you haven’t got the card frozen in your app!

Any recent experience from Guatemala, pls.? Thx :slight_smile:

2019 update: I have been able to use my revolut card everywhere in Guatemala, Both withdrawing money and paying with the card has been easy. The only thing to mention is that you have to pay a 31 Qt / 4€ fee when you withdraw money.

Any updates on free ATM withdrawals in Guatemala. Flying there next week. Thanks

@sayborg Any update on your live test? I went to El Salvador in JUN and after trying almost all the banks branded ATMs, only HSBC (the newest ATM) worked, the “old” HSBC looking ones did not work either, only the NEW models under the bank brand HSBC