Anti Fraud Ideas - No CVV + Country Blocking + Metal Virtual Cards


Just to add some convenience: not only countries to select 1 by 1 but also regions like continents.


Ohh I see, makes sense.
Thought it would work better since I never had such problems


It would be nice if @AndreasK would reply to this thread and say: “look guys we are not interested” or “look guys, we like the plan, we will see what we can do…”

I feel like one of my proposals should be implemented immediately: Revolut should TELL all Metal users that their cashback benefit is applied to ALL cards. should also be changed to mention that same thing too so there is no confusion about which cards have cashback and which dont.


They do. When you go to upgrade to metal it says “on all card payments”. It never says it’s restricted to the metal cards.

I would personally prefer no CVV but that can wait until they get proper debit cards, instead of reloadable prepaid ones :man_shrugging: as it isn’t that big an issue to reissue cards for.

Country blocking would indeed be an idea, but you can freeze your card whenever and restrict everything besides contactless and chip and pin - I’m not sure why you’d need to restrict country.


I´m a beta user and when I upgraded to Metal, I didn´t see any message saying “cashback will be awarded to ALL cards”.
Even the Metal Terms doesn´t explicitly tell you about it. (I have read them a few times.)
On top of that, as I mentioned before, the Revolut website talks about cashback on METAL CARD payments. So it only adds to the confusion, as they don´t explain it well on the site either.

I really would like for it to be explained well EVERYWHERE (inside the app and on the site). For anti-fraud purposes this would be very good…


Here you go :wink:


What’s hard to understand about “up to 1% cashback on every card statement”