[Answered] Is the virtual card recognized as VISA debit or prepaid credit card?

When I ordered my physical card I was shown a selection of Mastercard, Maestro, VISA and VISA with debit written on it.
For the virtual card I could only choose whether I want it to be a disposable or not. (VISA)

When I pay with the virtual card, will it be recognized as a VISA debit or prepaid credit card?

This is relevant to me because e.g. SWISS air lines will apply an optional payment charge for credit cards but not for VISA debit. (https://www.swiss.com/CH/EN/book/conditions/opc.html)

I already ordered a physical Maestro. When I order a spare card, can I choose the type of card I want? (to choose a physical VISA debit)

Please read this:

So- usually you can’t choose. Maybe support can help…

Thank you for your reply
But I was shown a selection of different card and this doesn’t answer anything,
The in-app support is extremely busy lately, 2h (during the week) up to 6h (now on sunday) waiting time is just too long.
Hence why I came here and hoped for an answer speaking from experience.

It’s prepaid card. Visa or MasterCard

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For the record:
I could use the virtual card when I selected “VISA debit” as payment method,
and and the payment charge was not applied at SWISS’ booking site.