Another weekend markup joke by Revolut. EUR with 2,7% markup. This is ridicolous!!!


OK, so now, at this very moment, it’s 1:05AM Sun here in Poland and this is what I’m getting:

Exchange 1000PLN and you’ll get 231.13EUR. Screens on demand, if needed.

This gives you the rate of 4.3265 EUR/PLN.

At the same time, the latest FOREX (Friday evening or even now, doesn’t matter, it’s been floating around this rate all day) rate was:
4.2118 EUR/PLN

Easy to be found pretty much anywhere.

Beer goes out to each and every Revolut support person who can explain how on earth 4,2118 + 0,5% or even 1% markup- quoting your awesome FAQ- gives you 4,3265.

Anyway, in real world mathematics, this is ~2,7% markup. Pretty ridiculous. If that’s not a premeditated fraud, I don’t know what is.
Or maybe somebody can kindly explain to me where this 0,5% or 1% stated in your FAQ is and why I am getting this fabulous rate now.
I can and will certainly apologize if I’m misunderstanding this!

4,3265 is definitely a rate I won’t be happy with though and don’t expect me to be fooled into falling for it.
I’m done with you guys and I guess the same should be advised to anyone who wants their money to be treated seriously.

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Hello there, thank you for pointing this out. There should be a 1% mark up on this currency as it is the weekend. We include this in the FAQ section on our website. Sorry for any miscommunication. Can you please reach out to us on support chat so we can obtain more details and see what’s going on?


Larysa, so again you just vaguely point me to support in figuring out why I see the incorrect exchange rates in your official converter.

I’m sorry, but I’m not going to spend more time then necessary investigating the offer I’m supposed to get (per your FAQ) but not getting it.
This is all that it is- ~2,7% markup for EUR/PLN exchange on the weekend. You got the info, I don’t believe this issue is specific just to my account, likewise I’m not aware of any exchange rate customization.


well @revofan did you get any feedback yet?


Of course we can look into this here if you’d like. Did you take any screenshots of the rates you viewed?


Yup, I would like to. No screenshots at this time- I can probably wait for the next weekend to grab them, if you need them.

On the other hand, I guess you guys know what the rates were at that time and I’m wondering what else can be done about it.


any news on this subject?


I can help with screen shot. I did exchange PLN > EUR last weekend my fx rate PLN/EUR was 0.2311 which give me PLN/EUR rate at 4.3267.


Well there’s no update.

I’m quite sure Revolut should have access to their historical rate data and they can check themselves what the rate was at 01:05AM CET on Sunday.

Just for fun, I’ll check the rates again on the weekend; remembering what I’ve seen with EUR and UAH, it shouldn’t be that difficult to catch a markup that’s significantly higher than expected.

One of the things we’d appreciate is a mini-guide to converter and exchange engine.
I’ve seen all sorts of explanations on what rates we see there (bid, average, with or without markup etc.) and how it works and relates to card transactions.

The safest way- the one I used on the weekend- is to divide the amounts one by another in the exchange tool. The rates that are shown there usually don’t match.


Oh, thanks mosbiq! That’s pretty similar to what I’ve seen.

Too bad for you that you had to do that- you over payed a lot, that’d be a free beer or two in Poland. :slight_smile:
You were probably just expecting a 0,5% (or 1% at most) markup, right?

BTW, regarding the markups- once Revolut can get its ducks in a row when it comes to rates, can you also specify when exactly we’re supposed to get 0,5% and when 1%- with more major currencies, it’s not clear anymore.

Is PLN <-> EUR exchange a 0,5 or 1% markup one?


@mosbiq Thank you for sharing this yet another example of what looks like an unbelievably bad rate. €115.56 should have been just PLN 485.80 according to’s mid-market rates or PLN 490.26 if it were a MasterCard transaction made on that day:

It’s really difficult to reconcile all this with the claim on Revolut’s front page: [quote]Banks add a bunch of fees and markup the exchange rate when you spend or transfer money abroad. We don’t.[/quote]


The problem with finance sector is that it is so convoluted and retarded (almost feels like n purpose) that it is surprising that anything works at all. Good luck finding what end goes where.


well, another day and still no statement from revolut regarding this bad exchange markups, higher than in T&Cs and FAQ?

@larysa.stachowicz any feed back on that case from bosses?


Hey everyone, we have raised this with the team and are looking into it with our rate provider! As soon as I receive any update I will post back here. Thank you for your patience.


Dzięki! That sounds fine! Hopefully this indeed is a technical glitch and not a premeditated, methodical operation.

Just to reiterate- it is neither the first time nor the first currency that this thing happened with. I’ve seen some really poor rates for UAH on the weekend, too.

Not to mention the fact it’d be awesome to finally see a clear documentation on the converter as well as markups themselves.


Hello all! Just to keep you updated, we are waiting for more details from the provider currently. Sorry for the delay, as I previously mentioned I will reach out and post here!


Another weekend, another ridiculous exchange rate on EUR - PLN.

That’s 4.3284.

The ForEx from yesterday evening is: 4.2275

Welcome to Revolut :wink:

Revolut needs to learn about the purpose of a forum

I will get this to the team asap as well! Will chase them down tomorrow for an update.

Double currency exchange on top-up

13 days and still no update?