Another downgrade for metal isers

Today I got a mail telling me that from now on I’ll only have 10 free trade per month on stocks… how is it possible that we are only getting worst here? C’mon Revolut you can and should do better :confused:


Yes, I just saw that. It’s the only reason I have a metal card. Such a huge shame! I’m making good earnings in dividends each month…

@Revolut, you should create a membership tier for people who are keen investors and want to have unlimited trades per month.

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Agree. Revolut starting to feel like old traditional banks. Slowly taking g away the benefits of Metal Cardhilders but still charging €13 per month for the ‘privilege’ . We will soon be left with pretty useless benefits that are nothing but window dressing


Wonder how many people actually use the other metal only benefits, besides the shiny card.

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@Revolut At least make the metal cheaper,guess im off to Etoro


This is such a shame. What am I supposed to do with a portfolio of 49 companies that is minus 27% and I am investing around 500$ a month with 200 transactions?

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I feel you! I have over 55 companies, though still +58% since 2020 (when I began trading). I only put in when the market nosedives instead of a routine amount (buy low, sell… rarely?). I think I made over 20 trades just the last couple days.

It’s not clear from the email what the costs will be once we use up the 10 free trades.

It really feels like a regular bank, shaving benefits off. Besides, they go from unlimited to a VERY limited number, they could set 50 free…but 10?

Hey! At least you have access to stocks :man_shrugging:t2: #Switzerland

Got TBH, I’m finding it hard to discern the value proposition of Metal against Premium at this stage - Metal no longer seems to be offering very much more than Premium for the increased price.
I think I will be among the downgrading users :frowning:

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1 euro / 1 $ per trade