Annual top-up limit value


I’ve had the product for about two months, and am actually quite happy with it. Working in the UK on a commuting basis, getting paid in EUR, and living home in mainland EU with a non-EUR base currency.

There had been info/ad emails some time ago, advising to start sending salary to Revolut directly, and heck I thought why eventually not. As I went PREMIUM just recently to try the cryptocurrencies, I did exactly that.

But there was the 15000 EUR yearly cap. Fair, some cap needs to be in place.

FEEDBACK 1) free-service
The 15k is inconsistent with other limits. The 6k monthly turnover limit could work like this e.g.:

  • receive 2000 EUR funds equivalent
  • exchange 2000 EUR
  • send 2000 EUR equivalent

Thus annual top-up limit of 12x 2000 EUR = 24 k EUR would make more sense.
Or else: the minimum wage 7,5 GBP/hr * 8 hr * 5 days * 52 weeks = 15600 GBP = 17700 EUR <–> why is the current limit set at less than minimum wage earnings?

FEEDBACK 2) premium account
Use case

  • withdrawing 400 GBP monthly
  • paying rent and essentials 1600 GBP monthly
    = funds in 2000 GBP/m = 27.200 EUR/y <—> why is the annual PREMIUM limit not set as a default to a value which reflects the expected combined deposits?

a) change annual FREE top-up limit to 25k EUR
b) change annual initial PREMIUM limit to 40k EUR (around average household income in the UK)

Increasing to the above values would significantly reduce the back-office workload, because with the current limits virtually EVERYONE who sends in their earnings to Revolut will hit the cap sooner or later.


Top up limits are personal, mine is 25,000 GBP.


Are you free or crossed-over to premium already?


Free, it’s been that way ever since I opened my account 2 years ago.


Yes, top up limits are personal. As long as you can prove the provenance of your funds (eg by providing a monthly pay slip) then the limit should be increased appropriately. Mine provides for my full annual income and more.


Then that top-up limit makes sense, @ 28 k EUR (33k in the “old” pound) even more than I suggested for the free service.

The reason I brought it up it took the 24/7 premium support 3 full days after I had submitted the documents (all and proper) to …

… wait for it …

started ignoring me completely. Yes, that’s 72 hours days from being ineffective, through becoming unhelpful, into turning their backs on the issue.

Obviously something broke down severely, so why not avoid the issue by being reasonable with the limits in the first place? Makes life simpler for everyone.

At the moment obviously for many, the equivalent MONTHLY limit with PREMIUM service is 1,103.00 GBP. WTF? (what-a-thick-feature)


I hear you, but suggest a different choice of terms.

The limit at the beginning is a default number, probably different based on customer’s residence country. It is not personal at the initial stage, it is systematic.

Only after you submit the documents then the new raised limit is indeed personal.


For UK customers they do an online credit check so no documents needed.