Annual top-up limit reset has not happened


I was told at 12.32 on 9 December by Chat Support (Roman was the operative) that my limit would be reset on 1 January.

It has not been reset.

Someone from Revolut has to come on here and explain what is going on.

This is not good and I expect a lot of users are affected.


Same here. I’m very unhappy. I asked revolut to increase my annual limit, which since 17th december never received answer, and one of my topup made on 10th december still not appear in the app ! And of course customer service never replied since 17th ! What happens with Revolut ? Do I have to take futher action for that ?


I guess you two have seen the answer in Anual top-up limit calculations


Just noticed my top up limit has reset.


I was told by WebChat my limit would be reset on the anniversary of my joining Revolut, and it was. This was earlier this week.


Hmm would be good if Revolut could write an more official statement here then just our observations.
So is the reset now for everyone in January (if so when?) or is it always 12 months after joining?


Thanks for that info!