Annual Top Up Limit of £25K

Was making an urgent payment for holiday flat and found out the £1.2k I topped up via bank transfer is pending for 36hrs because I reached my £25k limit. There was no notification whatsoever that (a) I had a limit (b) my last top up brought me within 96% of that limit - no warning whatsoever. Now I’m in danger of defaulting on the outgoing payment. Contacted support and got no instruction what is required to increase top-up - “we can refer you to our team”, as it this if optional. Can anyone help with any meaningful specialist contacts within Revolut to resolve this urgent matter? Top-up is pending and not even returned to the original bank account so I can send the money a different way. No notification in the app that it’s pending either! How are people supposed to know there is an issue?

Obviously too late now but your top up limit is clearly shown in the app - under ‘Profile’ and then ‘Verification and limits’

Mine has recently reset as I have had the card for a year now but I received in app warnings every time I topped up from £20 k onwards (My limit is £25k also). I wonder why this didnt happen in your case?

In terms of what is required to increase the limit, the FAQ’S concerning this contain the following…

Your annual top-up limit is based on your estimated annual income and/or generated wealth. Check below what documents you need to upload depending on your source of funds (please make sure that your name, dates, and all document information are clearly visible):

Salary: If your top-up was generated from your salary, you’ll need to send us copies of your payslips from the previous 3 months or P60/tax receipts.
Savings: In order to increase your limit based on your savings, we need to know how you earned the money that you put aside as saving. Please upload a bank statement showing the current balance of your savings account and relevant documents showing the source of your savings.
Sale of property: If you’ve sold a property and used the proceeds to top up your Revolut account, you’ll need to send us a copy of the sale agreement for the property; a bank statement showing the proceeds of the sale being credited to your bank account, and a statement showing the funds being transferred to your Revolut account (unless the funds are due to be deposited directly into your Revolut account).
Cryptocurrency: In order to increase your limit based on your cryptocurrency funds, we need to know how you earned the money that you invested in cryptocurrency. Please provide us with the relevant documents and statements showing your current cryptocurrency balance and any deposits/trades/withdrawals from the last 3 months.
Loan: If the source of your top-up is a loan - please upload a loan agreement document and a bank statement showing the received funds along with your current balance.
Self-employed income: If you are self-employed, please upload your latest tax return statement or invoices from the last 3 months corresponding to your desired limit.
Inheritance: If you have inherited wealth - please upload the inheritance will and a bank statement showing the received funds along with your current balance.

Whilst I have not gone through this procedure myself I would think it will take a little time to complete. Sorry.

You’ll need to verify your source of income. Open the App> Go to Profile> Verification and Limits

Well, in short: be sure to understand all the functionalities you want to use. I agree, not always easy to find those.
Never top up an account for a subsential amount without being verified.
And last Know your Limits! Top-up, as well as, daily, monthly, yearly.

And this is not only for Revolut but for all FinTech companies!

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