Annual top up limit disappeared in latest version


There was just an update on Android- 5.10. Limits disappeared too.


There are two limits, a total limit (about £75,000) and an individual one. At least the last one seems to have disappeared at this point, even though they might still ask for verification of funds but there doesnt seem to be a hard limit any longer.


Why would they remove that ? :smirk:
Are they getting closer to banking licence?
They applied in November so this year Novber should be cut off date…


Thats something you have got to ask “them” :wink:

I am not sure why they had it in the first place, as I dont think it is any regulations they currently have to abide (Transferwise is AFAIK regulated in the same way and does not have such limits). Though, I am a bit wary whether that was really such a good thing as it now might be less transparent than before - they still reserve the right to perform checks but now there is not even that arbitrary limit communicated to the customer.
Furthermore, the total limit still seems to be in place anyhow.

As for the banking licence, Andreas claimed it should be still granted in 2018 (so within four months). If this will turn out true, we can tell in four months :slight_smile:




Sometimes we may need to ask you for additional verification information, and documents, depending on the amount added to or received in your borderless account. If this is the case, we’ll contact you by email, and explain the process and what we’ll need.


I was referring to limits, not a possible verification.


Baffled… Totally baffled…? (Although quite easy to baffle me). Anyway? Since Android 5.10 the Top-Up limit has disappeared?

Interesting… Do they still exist under the surface?


They very much seem to exist :). Revolut simply calls them “dynamic” now. Also, the account (not top-up) limit was lifted. So they dont show you a hard limit anymore, but you can top-up however much you want but if it triggers some internal warning you will still need to verify it.


For info, my account got blocked today after a top-up. The message says it’s frozen until Revolut is “reviewing my source of funds”. So, at least in my case, the annual limit didn’t change, but was simply hidden from me. Will post updates if there are any.


How much did u top-up?


It looks just the loss of transparency :frowning:


UPDATE: In the end the process was quite smooth, I’ve uploaded 3 payslips on the chat and got verified. During the account block I could still spend money with my card.


Were you not verified before? The accont verification usually does not require payslips but solely an ID. So what did they verify in this case? The funds I would presume, but again, for these cases the UI is missing some feedback now with the recent changes.

So you could use it normally? That would a be a new compared to before.


To be clear, I was verified (identity checked) a long time ago. This verification had nothing to do with the initial identity check at signing up, this was explicitly to verify if the money I’m uploading is from a legit source. I could log in to the app and use my card during the account block, but I guess all top-up efforts would have been rejected before the payslips were verified by staff.


If that was a change in policy I’d welcome it.


Yes. So do I. Good news :+1:


Would be good news if it turns out to be accurate. In Revolut’s case, unless there are a gazillion confirmations, I dont believe it :laughing:


Who would have thought, who would have thought

Trying to confirm the statement I just got yet another contradicting response from support. According to this last statements the limits are all still in place, the only difference is they are not shown anymore (which seems to confirm my concerns from Annual top up limit disappeared in latest version).

Furthermore I am not sure if these newly mentioned passive-blocks are actually a thing, support refused to comment on it but my understanding would be Revolut still locks everything.


Same here. I did many top up transfers during the last 6 months and negotiated higher limits as I was transferring more money.
I tried to perform a new transfer this morning, the top-up limit had disappeared, and after contacting live agent he requested 3 Pay slips and my income tax statement … which is a lot of confidential information, and a very wearing manual process, for a simple transfer that most banks would perform automatically. In France at least (where I reside) banks would only request such documents for a mortgage application, not a transfer … And after the previous transfer Revolut had blocked my account without warning. I used to be a big fan and recommender of Revolut but it seems they have lost their way in terms of customer experience, transparency, and basic automation of transactions. It also seems they do not use the basic data analytics that would enable their customers not to reexplain their case again and again to overstretched live agents (whose tone of chats is getting less and less friendly)… a pity as Revolut seemed so promising.


“Source of funds verification process is prompted automatically by our security system and is set individually for every account. This is why it might work differently for you and your friend/wife/daughter etc. When the verification is required, we will let you know through email and push notification.” - that was the answer I got from their so-called support when asking if I could do the fund verif in advance. They go out of their way to make this as less transparent as possible and also probably block your account the the worst possible time :slight_smile: Thank you for choosing Revolut