Annual top up limit disappeared in latest version


Previously it was under the Profile section. Where can I find it in the latest iOs app?

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Top up limit
Latest version
Lack of being able to check limits isn't ideal

same here …


Maybe it has to do with the reply of @AndreasK in this threat.


Interesting. I did a test top-up, though, and I got the usual warning “You are reaching your yearly top-up limit”. When I click the notification, nothing happens (earlier it took me to the annual limit page in the app).

Contacted support, will report back if I hear from them.



Read my post above, still getting warnings that I’ve nearly exhausted my top-up limit.


Hope to hear soon :+1:
I’m not close to limit,but it’s nice to know how far you are :joy::+1:


Revolut 5.9 on Android…


Disappeared in 5.10

ios anyway


6.10 wow, is there Apple pay in the future, fingers crossed :slight_smile:


It’s disappeared on the latest Android version too, although it says both in the app and on the play store that it’s version 5.10. Guess this might be a typo.

Edit: Actually is this a typo if the previous version was 5.9?


5.09 I think was the previous version


The current version is 5.9 with 5.10 obviously being slowly rolled out.


Yes, I was getting a similar warning notification ‘you’re approaching your top up limit’.

But once I logged out and back in no more notification after doing further test top up. On iOS Ver 5.10


Thank you @Doppjunat, indeed after logging out and back again no more warnings. Marked your answer as solution.


Now Revolut annual top up limit will be top secret and some algorithm will block your account and funds at any time without prior warning. How cool is this! Just fantastic new option.


I think limit still presents, as every member got different limit according to their salary/wealth.
It’s just not visible to us.
My 2 cents :joy::+1:


Remains to be seen - but if verification takes a long as it does now it may end up far worse as you wont even know when a topup will trigger a block.


My understanding, from everything Andreas wrote, is Revolut lifted the limits. If not it would make little sense to remove that particular bit from the UI.