Annual top limitations concept flaw



I have had a Revolut account for the better part of the year and my salary is just below the annual limit.

As it should be pretty obvious, if you have an account, you use it for things such as payments and other transactions, sometimes even getting money back from your friends (one of the best features of the app is how easy and fast it is to split bills)!

So, if my limit salary is just under 25k, and I move money around, am entitled to bonuses at my job, share a flat and have people paying me back for bills and such, how am I supposed to use Revolut for it in that situation without reaching the limit.

As I see it, for salaries at least 5k below 25K, the limit should be higher. I am now reaching the end of the year, can’t upgrade my limits and won’t be able to receive money back from my flatmate or maybe all of my salary or even the company travel expenses I’m due this month.

Could this be revised?

I will basically have to create some other bank account somewhere to handle this > it’s not like I have 25K stored in my account, quite the opposite as it’s more a living month-to-month situation.


I’m sorry to say, but if there is no leeway, it very much becomes useless to have an account where I can’t move money around.

Imagine I pay 2K of rent each month to my landlord and my flatmate pays me back 1K each month. Is this kind of arrangement nor common or beyond sensible?


I don’t think that Revolut is going to change this policy. Two reasons: It’s about money laundering. Therefore all sources of income above a regulatory threshold need to be verified. Second: this all becomes obsolete once Revolut got a banking licence. This is supposed to happen in the 1st half of 2018.


I understand your point and your example. But what you’ve just described here in that rent example would also be a perfect scenario for how money laundering works. So as long as they are on an e-money license, I guess we have to live with the constraints that come with it.


Yeah, I do understand that, and figured it would be exactly for that purpose or similar ones. Nevertheless, I am not sure a bit of leeway would make so much of a difference.

Let’s hope this changes soon or I’ll just have to find a different solution. I am very much conditioned by that limit right now and will have to think carefully about every transaction I make soon with the fear of going overboard getting money back and not being able to then collect my paycheck that same month.