Annual stock trading statement?

We need REALIZED gains/losses monthly figures. I don’t seem to find them on the statements…!


it’s pain in the ass, but you can download all the statements, combine them with Adobe, then convert them to .xls. The product will be a bit messy, but if you delete the first couple of lines and move the whole table, you will be able to properly filter it. Focus on the activity and filter it by date. Since you won’t see the actual profit, or the buy price, you have to make one more table to keep tracking everything. Painful, but I did mine in 40 minutes.

Trading 212 gives you your statements in CSV, I’d like to have them implemented in Revolut too. Figuring out gains and losses for tax purposes is an absolute nightmare.

Is about 1 year now since i am asking revolut for these statements and no luck! I will move to Interactive Brokers but unfortunately i need to sell all my positions in revolut as they do not offer positions transfer to other broker.