Annual spending limits

My annual top up limit is 125K (i have verified source of funds).
but trying to find out of that is the same or different to an annual spending limit is impossible!
i have been told the spending limit is 30k - but in which case why allow a top up of 125k?
and i have been told that the 30k is rolling - but for each year from when i signed up - that’s not a rolling limit!
revolut needs to state clearly what the policy is. this is a mess.

Card spending limit is 30k. But you still can exchange and send money internationally with the app.

(FAQs don’t mention rolling limits. It says per day / year. Also, the yearly limit was just implemented in the app in January , so if you are a Revolut account holder since 2015, your first limit period was a little longer than a year.)

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