Annual op-up limit


I know this is something that has come up many times before, but I’m thought I’d share my experience/ideas here.

I started using Revolut 1 month ago and after verifying my account my annual top-up limit was set to 5k€. Yesterday, I finally convinced my partner to open an account too but he got 30k€ of annual top-up limit. Is this some kind of bug @AndreasK or am I missing something?

Besides this difference, isn’t 5k€ a very low annual limit? Free users are allowed to spend up to 6k€ per month but what is the point of that if some of us have a lower annual limit?
I know this can be raised if we supply banking information, but in all honesty, I’m not really willing to do so unless I have a very good reason for it.

Something else I find annoying is that splitting bills also counts against my top-up limit, which I’m obviously trying to be cautious about, in case I’m short of it towards the end of next year.

As of now, it seems like Revolut considers all incoming money as a top-up, even if it comes from a split bill which essentially makes me top-up the same money twice if that makes sense. For instance:

  • I top up 30€.
  • I pay 20€, I now have 10€ in my account, and I split the bill with my partner, he needs to send me 10€.
  • I end with 20€ in my account but Revolut considers I’ve topped-up 40€ instead of 30€.

Please do let me know if I’m wrong or if there’s something I’m missing, will be looking forward to your replies! :slight_smile:


5k annual limit seems very low, that’s pretty strange. I think the regular amount is £25k/€30k (without doing a verification of the source of funds).

I would suggest to contact the support on the chat.


Hi there.

Let me clarify that not all the users have the same annual top up limit.

Once you’ve passed your ID check, your top-up limits will be increased to a much higher annual threshold. You can check this limit in the Profile section under ‘Verification & Limits’. You can increase your annual threshold even further by submitting some additional information. It’s pretty simple: just follow the steps in the ‘Verification & Limits’ page in our app.


Hi Andreas, thanks for your reply.

My account is verified, that’s why it seemed rather strange to me that even after verification the limit was still only 5k. Mind taking a look, please?


I can see that your account is verified, you will need to increase your limit by providing source of funds.


I also have a verified account, but didn’t verify the source of funds. My limit is £25k annually.

My sister opened her Revolut account yesterday, verified her identity (not the source of funds), and also has €30k.

Without ID verification, the limit seems to be €100.

The €5k limit is very odd… :roll_eyes:


Hi there. As mentioned, due to checks we’ve got in place not all the user will have the same annual top up limit.


I’m guessing this might have something to do with the country (Spain) or my bank’s card, otherwise, I don’t know what could be the cause of it.

Besides that, what about the split bill feature? Is that meant to go against the top up limit too?