Annual limit

Greetings! I had completely forgotten that Revolut has annual limits for incoming funds, doing currency conversion at more acceptable rates for the shared rent with my girlfriend quickly filled that up. Now I have an incoming SEPA transaction from Bitstamp, that would exceed this limit. I have written to the Premium “24/7 support” yesterday and attached photos of all the incoming-outcoming statements, but no one has yet to have a peek still, so I’ll try here.

  • I don’t know what will happen upon exceeding the limit. Will the transaction just bounce back? With the current congestion in the exchanges it’s already a surprise they processed it this quickly, I really would prefer if it didn’t bounce :sweat_smile: :ok_hand:

  • Made my girlfriend make a Revolut account, she made a virtual card and from the get go her limit was 25k as opposed to my 15k? I’m a relatively old user, how does this work?

  • Is there other specific documentation needed apart from all the incoming-outcoming Revolut-related transactions? I’m currently studying abroad from my home address, does that impact anything? Would really like to get this right the first time, and, hopefully, before the actual SEPA reaches Revolut, or I’m in for quite an ordeal :smiley:

Thanks in advance.

Hi there.

If you’ve exceeded your annual top up limit, the incoming transfers will stay pending unlit you increase your annual top up limit by providing source of funds.