Annual limit reset date

Hi revolut support,

When does the annual top-up limit reset?
Does it reset yearly every 1st January? Or exactly 1 year after opening the account?


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It depends. Usually 1 year after verifying an account. Or the date when one switched to the premium plan.(You can check this under “Profile --> Price plan”)

Can anyone confirm that annual top-up limit resets 1 year after account opening?

Yes, the limit resets one year after account opening. In my case, for example, it’s October.

I don’t think the date changes if one upgrades to Premium. My Premium subscription runs from May, but my reset date stayed the same as my account opening (date was confirmed by support).

It makes sense to always follow the account opening date. After all top up limits are set individually, and are not connected as to whether the customer is standard or premium.