Announcing our $66m Series B investment 🚀


Anyone of you had problems with pre-registering to invest in Revolut? I have entered my contact details exactly as they appear in the app, nevertheless, the page still shows me that I should be a user in order to pre-register…


Same here @deckusve @AndreasK


Sure - :point_right:t2:


Last round of investment you used Croudcube. Why are you now using Seedrs for this round?


My assumption is that either the VC firm leading the Series B $66m round, or one of the major players, have a significant stake in Seedrs.

Therefore, Revolut’s using Seedrs.

Why Seedrs for investment?

How were the investors selected?



Third time… anybody?


First 5000 premium had priority access, the “rest” could register and was chosen randomly.


Is this investment round now closed ?


Hi there. Yes, that’s right. We’re fully funded :slight_smile: