Announcing our $66m Series B investment 🚀


###Announcing our $66m Series B investment rocket🚀

Why Seedrs for investment?





Well done. Make support usable and you have a new investor coming.


Congrats to everyone at Revolut. $66m is mighty impressive. Pleased to hear that you’ll be spending some of the cash on improving support, and crypto-currencies is an interesting development!


That’s right! We’ll be investing in our infrastructure and customer support alongside our global expansion :facepunch:


We customers are waiting for loans for all EU, credit cards, Withdrawals in POS (In shops), personal IBANS in EUR, PLN … Device Insurance, personal medical insurance, VIP lounge access at airports.


…and Apple Pay :rofl:


And possibility to add Revolut’s card to Android Pay APK to make payments
with mobilephone in NFC standard

12.07.2017 20:13 “Constantin Rosca” napisał(a):

…and Apple Pay :rofl:


Would be great if you could use some of that money to return the €500 of declined transactions you still took out of my account due to your payment provider errors last week. Oh yeah, and actually get support to reply for once.

That would be nice.


Hi @robotics,

If you had to pay using an alternate card, please contact us via in-app support, providing your bank statement so we can reimburse the difference in FX rates that would have applied.

Once again @robotics, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience.


So in regards to that, any word on converting the card to standard debit (as opposed to prepaid debit)? When is that going to happen- if ever?

It really sometimes DOES make a difference.


Your in-app support is completely unresponsive. I’ve been trying for 2 days now to get an answer. Guess they got bored of me asking when you would return my money.

I have incurred charges due to use of another card abroad and I will submit those, but right now I would just like my €500+ back! It’s been a week!



So I should try Twitter? Sure.


You’ll wait. I fight with them for over a month to return a transfer that was sent but declined by the beneficiary bank. Transfer was returned to Revolut, but wasn’t assigned to my account automatically and they cannot locate it :dizzy_face:


Will the crowdfunding still go ahead? any idea when?


Good to know this is now going ahead!