Announcing 24/7 customer support for everyone ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ“ฒ


Announcing 24/7 customer support for everyone :heart_eyes::calling:




Awesome! Good job :r:!


My account has been locked for 5 hours and no response in support to multiple messages from myself 24/7 support :thinking: please help asap


This is great to hear, and essential for anyone to rely on Revolut.

I do hope, though, that the new support agents get good training - the last couple Iโ€™ve spoken to seemed to understand even less about how payments work than I do (and I donโ€™t know much). They were trying to be helpful, but just werenโ€™t able to provide answers. As helpful as he is, pinging Andreas on here for clarification when support canโ€™t help isnโ€™t really scalable.

Obviously training people quickly enough is a challenge, but Iโ€™m hoping the standards rise along with the numbers :slight_smile:


Thatโ€™s a real step forward, which is more than welcome.
I think we were all waiting for you to improve on this specifically, as itโ€™s the one problem you really need to deal with.

I join @podgib about the training: you really need to get people good/better at two things:

  • knowledge itself
  • read the actual questions from the customer

Quite a few times the support agent either didnโ€™t read fully my request, or asked questions that were already answered in the original request. It looks unprofessional, itโ€™s frustrating, and we all lose time.

The recent changes in-app about the support + this announcement show youโ€™re working hard to change this situation, where too many people are waiting hours before being able to get an answer.

We all have big hopes for you guys here, make us proud :muscle: :clap:


Your use of bad language in your announcement is not professional, even if you are alluding to previous negative comments, and you should rephrase it!


Are you referring to โ€œBullshitโ€? Iโ€™ve seen a few brands (including their competitor N26) use โ€œno bullshitโ€ as their tagline, and nobody really complained: most people love it because it makes it look like a company with real people, talking like everybody talks, a bit different from your average brand flooding us with ads full of real BS :wink:


When will this support start?


Thank you for your response however your answer has speculative content. The use of bad language in official communication is unnecessary and demonstrates immaturity both by the author and in the company that sanctions its use. It also contravenes the forum posting guidelines. Awaiting response from Revolut moderator.


Not โ€œmyโ€ forum, Iโ€™m not working for :r:, just a customer.
Anyway, letโ€™s see what the moderator says :slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up on N26, Iโ€™d not seen that. Will take a look.



Hi, my card has been blocked since this morning and I tried to contact support but no one is anwsering. I couldnโ€™t find any other way to get in touch with Revolute company at all. what should I do?


Are you aware that you can unblock the card from within the app by yourself?


Thatโ€™s what I heard but it just doesnโ€™t give me any option at all expect contact support chatโ€ฆ whay thereโ€™s no way to contact them?


Hey @jinnn93 :slight_smile:

You can find all the ways to contact support here:

But, however, you can unlock the card by clicking โ€œUnblock/unfreeze cardโ€ in the Cards section of the app :wink:


when I go in the app the only thing I see or the only option I get on the screen is thisโ€ฆ! I mean literallythis is it. IMG_5982|281x500