Angry with pending transactions

This frustrates me a great deal when a transaction is declined and the payment remains pending but you are out of pocket. You contact the merchant and they pass the buck to revolut as the card declined their transaction. Revolut don’t want to know either.

Wait 7 days ffs! Why should I be out of pocket for 7 days?

So who is responsible for not returning my money immediately? Got a declined payment for 106 gbp this time since yesterday morning.

Get the merchant to tell Revolut they have no intention of claiming on the authorization

Not much you can do. It’s annoying but just wait.

What @Recchan suggests is the best you can do…
You basically need to get a Merchant (Authorization) Release Form from the merchant then get them to send it to Revolut. ( works in the US, not really sure about here though)

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payment terminals print a cancellation or denied receipt you could show to :r: support.

Or you could just… you know… wait. :sweat_smile:

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I know. Just something about waiting for a week to be reimbursed for something you have already paid for with another card is not a pleasant feeling. Just seems absurd the amount is not refunded immediately.

It’s how Mastercard and Visa designed the system. It’s not specific to Revolut.