Angry with pending transactions

This frustrates me a great deal when a transaction is declined and the payment remains pending but you are out of pocket. You contact the merchant and they pass the buck to revolut as the card declined their transaction. Revolut don’t want to know either.

Wait 7 days ffs! Why should I be out of pocket for 7 days?

So who is responsible for not returning my money immediately? Got a declined payment for 106 gbp this time since yesterday morning.


Get the merchant to tell Revolut they have no intention of claiming on the authorization

Not much you can do. It’s annoying but just wait.

What @Recchan suggests is the best you can do…
You basically need to get a Merchant (Authorization) Release Form from the merchant then get them to send it to Revolut. ( works in the US, not really sure about here though)

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payment terminals print a cancellation or denied receipt you could show to :r: support.

Or you could just… you know… wait. :sweat_smile:

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I know. Just something about waiting for a week to be reimbursed for something you have already paid for with another card is not a pleasant feeling. Just seems absurd the amount is not refunded immediately.

It’s how Mastercard and Visa designed the system. It’s not specific to Revolut.


Hi guys, same issue here, only difference is that this happened more than a month ago and no resolution so far.
I’ve contacted live agent about 5 times, same stupid Bullshit every time, they are investigating it.
I live in the EU, don’t know if that changes anything.

Yep happened to me again but with Monzo. The cashier made a mistake and cancelled the payment. Charged the correct amount but of course I had to wait a full 7 days for the original amount to reappear in my account. This is so unfair and needs changing. The cancellation should be received and refund done immediately. Someone must be making a ton of cash on these pending payments.

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No one is making a penny as the balance doesn’t leave your account, it’s just inaccessible

Revolut will clear the authorisation hold if the merchant can provide you with something like a declined receipt so you can prove that they won’t be claiming the funds

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ok I’ll try that next time with the receipt. I was unaware of that.


Hi anyone here can help how to unbanned my phone number ? I was trying to create an account but I did not get some sms and it shows that my phone number got banned. :sob:

Had a problem yesterday. Tried to add £100 to Revolut from my Visa card but I had forgotten to update my address with Revolut after moving (my fault) so payment was declined by my bank. I changed the address and tried again. Now the bank have said that it is a pending payment so doesn’t show in my bank account but also not showing in Revolut account. Not sure how to contact Revolut. Can’t find any way on my app (Android) to contact support. Any ideas?

I’m having this exact issue! I’ve got an incoming transaction pending. It’s been like that for WEEKS. I NEED this sorting.

@anon33247966 apparently is the person to speak to. I hope so because Im getting NO REPLY on chat except to say I need to speak to a special team…I’M WAITING!!! It’s been DAYS! and you don’t answer a phone!