Android v.8.32.x - News, fixes & bugs

v.8.32 is out (in beta)!!

No evident differences noted from v.8.27/8.28/8.29… :thinking:

News & fixes:

  • new error messages popup style
  • please report!


  • crypto portfolio in home page still reports the max number of different crypto owned and not the present one
  • metal cashback in home page leads to a page where it isn’t showed in any way
  • virtual cards color choice/personalization still not available by app
  • still available on Play Store only for devices with good Safety Net status (…absurd! :see_no_evil:)
  • still working only on unrooted/untouched devices (see above… :roll_eyes:)
  • target Android is stil v.11…

Please report about these:

  • issues for recent Huawei devices (Google Mobile Service detected msg) fixed?!?
  • login issues on some smartphones introduced with v.8.30 solved?


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Released a second v.8.32 beta (internal 712 vs. 704)… no evident news noted.

I don’t know exactly if this is a new coming with latest beta bu NOW it’s possible to self change plan charge from monthly to yearly.

In hub section, click on top right icon with name of plan, then on the “gear” icon and… :wink:

Final v. 8.32 build 713 is out!

Fixed an issue with crypto stop loss orders setup (one still present… :roll_eyes:)